Playing the Riviera
The Riviera is a place for relaxation and fun, for happy hour and summer hits. But not only. The Riviera is also a sports retreat, a haven of sand and sweat where to enjoy water sports and fun ball games, where hundreds of people gather to enjoy athletic competitions. 'Playing the Riviera' revolves precisely around this concept, willing to combine Roy Roger's new Riviera line with young coastal sport talents, making each product more attractive with the active presence and influence of future sports stars.
Playing the Riviera
Roy Roger's and Athleta Lab have joined forces and selected young Italian talents. This synergy has genuinely emphasized the complex personalities of these budding sportsmen, enhancing their potential and the vision of Roy Roger's Riviera collection.
Playing the Riviera
The selected talents are young athletes who are set to make waves in their sports disciplines. Young people devoted to their sport, promising phenomena who, in the water or at a short distance from it, pursue their wish for success.
While, on the one hand, these figures highlight Roy Roger's attention to new generations, on the other, they allow the brand to convey its message and products through accountable people, multi-faceted sportsmen and individuals.
Playing the Riviera
A beach volleyball player from Mestre, he has dominated the national youth championships, also winning a European U-20 bronze medal and a U-21 world silver medal.
Marco Viscovich - Beach Volley
"My path has been quite unusual, with no explanation, but it constantly encourages me to firmly believe in what I'm doing"
A Stand-up paddler from Piombino, he is one of the youngest and most interesting profiles in the Italian SUP scene; he has reached top positions in national competitions several times.
Filippo Alberti - SUP
“On the SUP board I can feel what surrounds me, I can feel it inside and outside of me.”
A Windsurfer from Rome, he has already won a youth European title in addition to a world bronze medal, and is now continuing his path among seniors.
Luca di Tommasi - Windsurf
“Windsurfing became part of my life from the very beginning. Around the age of 10, I realized that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.”